Different Ways of Knowing that Your Gold Jewellery is Real

07 December 2018

Gold jewellery can be both an investment and a fashion statement. As such, there are often people looking to take advantage of those who are not aware of the differences between real and fake gold. While fake gold jewellery isn’t ‘wrong’ to wear, provided the user likes how it looks, it is still worth knowing how to differentiate the real gold jewellery from the fake gold jewellery that routinely plagues online retailers and sketchy discount stores. Today, we are going to highlight a few tests that can be undertaken in order to verify whether a piece of jewellery is possessed of real or fake gold.

Test Your Jewellery For Real Gold

So you have a beautiful piece of gold jewellery that you bought online. Or maybe you got this piece of jewellery as a hand-me-down from a loved one or close friend. In any event, you have concerns about the authenticity of the gold and simply want to verify if it is real or not. Jewellery that possesses real gold is typically made of a solid gold alloy that has a gold content somewhere north 58%. Any gold jewellery that has a gold ratio under that threshold would be considered ‘fake gold’ in stores unless the establishment were trying to trick their customers. Short of being a jeweller yourself, what ways can you test to see if your gold is real?

  1. Look for Markings – The easiest way to see if you have real gold jewellery is to look for markings. Typically, real gold jewellery will have a ’10K’ mark somewhere on its body. Throughout Europe, jewellery is instead marked with a parts per thousand marking. Instead of 10K, you’ll see 417 which stands for 41.7% gold purity. With that being said, scammers can fake their markings so this test cannot be relied upon alone.
  2. Acid Testing – If you don’t mind ordering an acid testing kit, you can test your jewellery yourself. In order to test for real gold, simply use a testing slab to leave a minimal mark on the item. Then, you’ll use a nitric acid concentration in order to see if the mark dissolves. You can declare the purity of the gold based on how the mark dissolves, or if it even dissolves enough.
  3. Consult a Jeweller – Probably the best way to find out if your gold is real is to reach out to a professional jeweller. Jewellers that are certified and backed by a strong reputation will be able to diagnose the purity of your gold with relative ease.

The Ken Ross Jewellers Difference
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