Design Your Custom Wedding Rings with Ken Ross Jewellers

22 February 2023

Some couples find that designing a customised wedding ring is a meaningful way to commemorate their special union. After all, they are both unique. However, designing a ring can be challenging and overwhelming. Many options exist, but most people’s budgets don’t allow them. Here are some tips from an expert jeweller to make the process easier and assist you in designing a one-of-a-kind wedding ring that truly reflects your union.

Allow Extra Time for The Process

It takes much longer to design a custom ring than to select one from a jeweller’s display case. The procedure entails starting from scratch with the design before really putting it into execution. When discussing your actual design ideas with the artist, you may need to continue the conversation if you want to make any adjustments to the design that the craftsman creates. Start as early as possible if you want to create your wedding ring. Once you place an order, it may take six weeks or longer to receive your custom ring. It is simpler to manage the nerves if you have patience while the process continues.

Consider Each Other Tastes

When it comes down to it, this ring is all about you and your loved one. You want to make sure that you can create a ring that truly fits each other’s personality and style. You can consider the general style, metals and stones in your existing jewellery collection. You can also consider each other’s overall style – do you prefer flashy or simple things? No matter what, the ring will be meaningful because you both designed it for each other.

Have a Budget in Mind

When looking for a wedding ring, it’s crucial to have a budget in mind. When purchasing a ready-made ring, you can quickly check the pricing and determine whether it fits within your spending limit. You will know the final cost of your custom ring once you have selected all of the design’s components because the cost depends on the creation’s materials, parts, and complexity. Setting a budget cap helps you avoid going overboard. You can decide on some of the design aspects with a budget. For instance, you may choose palladium rather than platinum to achieve a similar look for much less money. To keep the project within your budget, select a smaller centre diamond.

Express Your Creativity

Having a simple, unadorned wedding ring is very acceptable. The simplicity of things has a lot of beauty. Having said that, wedding rings are a wonderful way to use your creativity and convey something special about you, your partner, and your relationship. Of course, many design selections will be influenced by whether you want your wedding ring to match or contrast with your engagement ring. The sky’s the limit, though, if you don’t need to relate your wedding ring style to any other jewellery.

It only makes sense to create a customised wedding ring that is as unique as your love when you find it. Suppose you’ve searched Melbourne’s jewellery shops without finding anything you like or want the ring to have more significance. In that case, consider having Ken Ross Jewellers assist you in designing a unique wedding ring. Pick something from our display or have something made to your design. Contact us to know more.

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