Choosing the Right Bridal Jewellery and Accessories

26 July 2016

Now that you know which dress you will wear on your wedding day, it is time to select the ideal bridal jewellery and accessories to enhance it in an attractive manner. Since there are a number of different choices on the market today, this decision may be a bit confusing for you. For this reason, we offer tips on selecting the right jewellery enhancements and accessories for your bridal outfit in the information here.


You should be certain that the metal and other elements in the jewellery pieces and accessories complement the colour of your dress. An ivory dress goes well with yellow gold while a pure white dress is better with silver, white gold or platinum. In addition, if silver enhancements are on the dress, you should follow through with silver tones in your jewellery and other accessories. Pearl pieces also are ideal when they do not clash with the colour of the dress or if pearls are on the dress.


Remember to keep your bridal jewellery and accessories simple since less is often more attractive than excessive adornments are on your wedding day. While just the right amount of enhancements will add to the beauty of your overall look, too much of them can provide a cluttered appearance to your bridal dress.


A veil for a long, ornate bridal gown will need to be below the shoulders to keep with the formal theme of your wedding. On the other hand, if you select a tea-length or casual dress, a short veil that just touches your shoulders is the ideal choice. Of course, you can also opt not to wear a veil at all and just to adorn your hair with a tiara or hair combs.


When you select a necklace or earrings, consider the neckline of your dress. If your dress has a high collar that comes up just below your chin, no necklace is necessary if the gown has beaded, jewel or even lace enhancements. A pair of chandelier earrings may be all that is needed in clear crystal or a coloured gemstone that matches on of your colours of your flowers. You may be wearing a V-neck gown, though, and a pendant-style necklace, a choker or a knotted long strand of beads all with work with this style of dress. Match a bracelet accordingly if you wish to adorn your arms.

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