Care and Maintenance Guide for Your Swiss Watch Collection

08 July 2021

With good care and regular maintenance as needed, your fine Swiss watch collection will last in excellent condition for a lifetime. To ensure that all of your watch designs continue to operate smoothly, you should know how to set, wind and care for the different movements of each timepiece.

By mastering these basic skills, you can keep your entire collection looking elegant and working superbly for many years. In addition, if you keep each timepiece of your handsome watch collection in its individual cases or inside an airtight showcase, your watches will stay clean and free of dust.

Each watch in your stunning collection will then need only periodic external surface polishing and occasional professional internal maintenance. Since each timepiece is an optimal quality design, each one should be treated with ultimate care to ensure its lasting beauty and superior functionality.

Care and Maintenance Guide for Your Stunning Swiss Watches

Expert advice and guidance to ensure excellent care and maintenance for your Swiss watch collection include the following tips:

• Quartz Watches – Battery-Powered. These watches that are battery powered should run on their initial batteries for approximately two years. If your battery runs down, you should replace it immediately to avoid any damage to the movement by a dead cell. If our watch is water resistant, its gaskets should be replaced.

In addition, its water resistance capacity should be tested to the proper depth. The water-resistant seals should be examined each year. If you have a diving watch in your collection, its water resistance should be evaluated before every diving session.

• Mechanical Watches – Self-Winding / Automatic. These watches often require winding after extended periods of inactivity. You should wind the crown 40 to 50 times before you wear the watch. These watches should be professionally serviced every three to five years.

• Mechanical Watches – Manual Wind. It is best to wind these watches at approximately the same time each day. If you wind your watch every morning, you will benefit from consistently good operation during the entire day. This may enhance the acute accuracy of timekeeping that these watches are known to have.

As you wind your watch, the mainspring will tighten. When the crown stops, this is a sign to stop winding. If you continue to wind your timepiece at this time, you may cause damage to the mainspring and some elements of the escapement.

Remember to remove your watch from your arm before winding it. If you wind the watch while wearing it, you may exert too much pressure on the winding stem. By consulting our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice concerning care and maintenance procedures for your valuable Swiss watch collection. Our skilled professionals will ensure that you understand the best recommended steps to keeping your stunning timepieces in optimal condition and operation.

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