Be In or Be Out, What’s New in Style for Jewellery?

13 May 2015

Do you want to be in this year or out? Well it all depends on how you dress, and more importantly, the kind of jewellery you wear. Who knew that being fashionable also included the jewellery that you wear? 2015 is not quite half over yet, but the trends are already coming out, and the one for certain seasons are out already. Want to know what’s new in style for jewellery this year? Read on, and the answers may surprise you!


What were the girls walking the runway wearing besides gorgeous clothes? Why thick silver bangle bracelets with different shades of leather threaded through them and messages like “make fashion not war,” “ladies first,” and other inspirational messages. You may be able to wear your heart on your sleeve, but your arm can serve as the place for messages!


Last year everyone wore little gold rings with their Zodiac signs on the, but this year it’s all about the ocean! Little gold rings on every finger depicting sea life such as sea shells, urchins, and star fish are in!


Choker necklaces are back and better than ever! This year, every model was seeing walking the runways in Paris with stunning gold chokers around their neck, and gold seemed to be the most popular colour because it goes with every fashion trend!


Apparently sea creatures really are the hottest jewellery trend because many runway models were seen covered in pearls! Pearl necklaces add a subtle touch of class to any outfit, and apparently the size of them can be really tiny to pretty big!


Another hot trend this year in jewellery is to wear necklaces made from raw materials such as big chunks of wood and stone. The artisan spirit was present on the runways of Paris and Milan when models walked out with large necklaces that really caught the eyes of the audience.

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Ken Ross Jewellers

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