Are you ready to take your relationship one step further? Consider a promise ring

30 January 2015

While offering a promise ring is no wedding proposal it is still a pretty big deal. Who better than the professionals at Ken Ross Jewellery to help you find that perfect piece?
When you are seeking a promise ring it can represent many things, but all of them boil down to a more serious commitment. It is in sorts, a pre-engagement ring. People often exchange them promising their love, loyalty, commitment, chastity, sobriety, monogamy or even friendship just to name some. Make sure that you know the “promise” when presenting the ring otherwise it is just a nice piece of jewellery.

Whatever your reason for taking this next step it is obvious that the receiver is very important to you. Why wouldn’t you want the very best without breaking the bank? You can get the ring and a chain for a fraction of the cost other jewellers would sell these quality of pieces for. Even customised promise rings are competitively priced, and you have the help of a friendly professional there to help you with your questions, concerns and all of the latest trends in fine jewellery at no additional cost.

You know this person inside out, but knowing how to pick the perfect ring can still be tricky. The professional jewellers at Ken Ross can help you with every step other than how and when to present the ring. You may even want to buy a nice chain for her or him to wear the ring around their neck so it is close to their heart.

Personal engravings are available to make it even more meaningful. In case the ring or chain is ever damaged Ken Ross also offers repair services, and they offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your selections beautiful. Remember, a promise ring can be bought for any finger; however it is often fitted to the right hand ring finger.

Take a look at the many selections at Ken Ross Jewellery, or ask about a custom piece. With more than 60 years in the field you won’t find a better place to help you find the perfect promise ring for the occasion. You will find a wealth of selections that are stunning and affordable. Still, you really have to see the selections and savings for yourself.

Ken Ross Jewellers

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