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24 February 2015

An individual’s watch says a lot about them. Ken Ross jewellers know how important style and quality can be, but the history and durability of a watch is also important. Ken Ross jewellers has some amazing selections at competitive process. They also specialise in watch repair. Whether you are looking for a new watch or want to get your vintage Omega watch repaired Ken Ross is the place to turn to for exceptional quality, style and services.
Ken Ross jewellers supply and repair a wide range of quality watches not limited to those listed below.


This is a brand that you can trust. Founded the 1800’s the brand truly embarked upon “A journey in time”. The first watches hit the scene in the early 1900’s and Seiko is still offering the same exquisite pieces and remarkable style that it did so many years ago. These are watches that not only withstood time but surpassed its competitors in GPS technologies and quality. This is luxury watches at its best, and several styles of Seiko watches are offered at Ken Ross jewellers.

Michel Herbelin

This is another company that made its way onto the luxury watch scene in the 1900’s. Michel Herbelin watches are the crim’dela’crim focusing on technical reliability, elegance and a superior design. Ken Ross jewellers is one of around 350 leading jewellers worldwide carrying this elusive and in sought after luxury watch brand.


If you are looking for a Swiss watch that is trendy and stylish or an elegant piece that will stun even the most persnickety critic then you may want to consider a Cover watch. These are styles ranging from edgy to elegant. Ken Ross jewellers offers several selections under the brand, and the collection is quite impressive.


Adina is a brand that is loved by men and women alike. Not only are Adina watches durable and sleek, but they are classic, timeless pieces. There are several pieces to choose from at Ken Ross not limited to the waterproof oceans edition and more. You may also inquire about the Kingston, the Flair or the Forever pieces for her. If Ken Ross doesn’t have it in stock then they will do whatever they can to make sure that it is ordered to your specifications.


A Lorus watch is a watch that can really withstand the test of time. They come in styles for children, women or men, and they are a branch off of the infamous Seiko brand. This is a company dedicated to excellence and offering all of the latest trends as well as your old favourite classics. The value is nothing short of remarkable with this exquisite collection for the entire family ranging from styles with an urban theme, sporty, contemporary and more.

Whatever your choice in watch brands may be if the watch you are buying is a gift then you may want to ask about having it engraved to make it even more symbolic. Call Ken Ross or drop in today to view the amazing selection of fine watches today.

Ken Ross Jewellers

Established in 1954, Ken Ross Jewellers is renowned for producing and maintaining fine jewelry and watches. And over the decades, many awards have been won. Ken Ross Jewellers specializes in supplying fine jewelry like diamonds and semi-precious stones, plus repairs for rings, wedding bands and watches. For a valuation of a diamond you have, repairs on a wedding ring or new precious diamond jewelry, contact:

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