Aquamarine: The Beautiful Gemstone for March

06 March 2017

Aquamarine is March’s gemstone and its beauty is both brilliant and timeless. Shades range from a light blue to a deep blue, reminiscent of the ocean. It can be showcased as the main stone in a setting as well as being used to highlight other gemstones. The versatility of this gem makes it a popular choice for all types of pieces.
The first documented use of aquamarines is by the Greeks in 300 – 500 B.C. In later years, people believed this stone was used to protect sailors at sea. The fact that it has had such a long history and is still admired today is a testament to its everlasting attraction. Some other interesting tidbits about aquamarine include that it enhances communication, peace, and courage.

Some technical information about this gemstone includes the fact that it is from the beryl family, which is also the origination of the emerald. It has a score of 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale, meaning that is quite hard and therefore durable. This makes it an ideal stone for people with active lifestyles.

Cut is obviously an important factor regarding any gemstone. One of the most interesting things about aquamarine is that if it is cut in the cabochon fashion, it can display an asterism, which is known as a cat’s eye. This can make it a true standout from other gemstones.

Colour is another important aspect to consider. Some people prefer the lightest shade of blue, others are attracted to the deeper blue or teal. Keep in mind that aquamarine is often heat treated, which permanently changes (darkens) the hue. This is a safe and effective treatment to change the colour, especially when done by a professional. It does not damage the stone at all, instead it brings out more of the flattering characteristics.

Aquamarine can be set in almost any type of metal, including gold, silver, platinum, etc. Again, it is perfect for people with active lifestyles, as it does not get scratched easily and therefore will retain its natural beauty quite easily. It can be cleaned with a light cloth or different types of cleansers for a more in-depth cleansing.

Buying your loved one an aquamarine is often seen as a symbol of faithfulness and caring. Its calming properties have also been thought to create a sense of calm. Again, this stone is versatile and stunning – and will be a welcome addition to any type of jewellery collection.

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