All about Pearls

07 March 2014

Pearls have been in existent for over a thousand years. Amongst the gems in existence, a pearl is the only living gem born out of living organisms generally known as Mollusks, they are mostly made up of nacre. Conchiolin is secreted from the mollusks, which when hardens forms the shiny structure of the pearl.
Essentially, pearls are created from pearl oysters. The Japanese first discovered how to produce cultured pearls, thereby making them available to everyone who can afford it.

There are only four main types of pearls, namely: Natural, Cultured, Saltwater and Freshwater. As for varieties, there are Australian, South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya, Keshi, Mabe, Chinese Freshwater and Kasumiga Pearls, which are all equally beautiful.

Tips for choosing the right pearl jewelry:


Know your purpose for getting a pearl jewelry. Why do you want to buy a pearl in the first place? Is it for everyday use? For work? Or for special occasions. Knowing your purpose is important, this way you can easily determine what kind of pearl will best suit you.

Start with the essentials. A pearl stud earring is usually the first pearl jewelry that a woman should own. It is classic and can go from day to night, everyday to special occasions. Later on, you can buy pearl jewelry in different settings like pearl with diamonds, other gems or gold.

Size doesn’t always matter. What matter is what fits you best. The shape of your face and the size of your ears. Therefore it is better to try on different sizes and colors to see which ones you liked best.

No two pearls are alike. Choose according to your personality. There are different shapes, colors and sizes. Have fun exploring the possibilities.

There are five qualities that you must consider: color, size, luster, shape, and quality surface.

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