Adina, Australian Watch at Its Finest: Why Should You Buy Them?

30 June 2017

Adina watches are skillfully and beautifully designed to be worn in the outdoor environment of the normal Australian lifestyle. These unique watches are carefully handcrafted using the latest advanced technology, and part of their distinct charm is the fact that each individual watch style and design combines hi-tech updates with local craftsmanship to create highly attractive yet practical and affordable modern timepieces. When you wear a fashionable and useful Adina watch, you are exhibiting the true Australian talent for combining state-of-the-art technology with original artistry. These outstanding timepiece styles are at once representative of Australia and the worldwide community in their expression of unique innovation of artistic concept, fashionable style, technical construction and everyday wearable ease.


There are several primary reasons why you should treat yourself to a uniquely designed Adina watch and wear it proudly as a true modern-day Australian jewellery treasure and practical timepiece, including the following:

  • Adina Creates Original Works of Art. – Each individual Adina watch design begins as a simple pen drawing on paper. This initial rough sketch is strongly influenced by both the urban and rural environments throughout the rich land and cityscapes of Australia. From this unique drawing, the final timepiece design and structure are created, and the watch is carefully produced as a one-of-a-kind work of exquisite and artful fine jewellery.
  • Engineering Excellence Accompanies Creative Expertise. – The latest engineering advancements and mechanical techniques are joined seamlessly to create each Adina timepiece, and each watch displays highest construction standards. The Adina Company sources finest caliber components from several different countries, selecting only optimal quality materials and mechanical parts to complete each watch to ultimate perfection.
  • Adina Offers Limited Release Watch Designs. – This specially designed brand of excellent watches offers limited edition releases of many of its timepieces, making them even more desirable to watch-wearing consumers and to timepiece collectors today. These watches offer a unique combination of contemporary fashion and outdoor lifestyle durability, widening their appeal to include both buyers with artistic inclinations and those favoring rugged lifestyle survival capacity in their personal watch designs.

For a top quality selection of Australia’s finest Adina watches, contact Ken Ross Jewellers in Melbourne today. These fine jewellery experts and watch connoisseurs will give you excellent advice and personal guidance concerning the ideal Adina design to satisfy your specific timepiece preferences and needs. They will ensure that you choose the very best design to wear proudly in honor of Adina’s exquisite artistry and commitment to handcrafted Australian creations with the latest updated technology.

Ken Ross Jewellers

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