5 Tips that will help you choose jewellery for the lady in your life!

24 October 2014

Are you not to sure what jewellery to buy for your favourite girl? Do you truly have no idea what she really likes? Well, it is not so as hard as you may think to pick the right jewellery for every occasion.
Everyone has a different taste in jewellery sure, but finding something that she will love can be done with a little insight. Here we have a couple of tips to guide you in making the correct decision when looking for something that your lady will not only like but love.

TIP #1

Have a look at what kind of jewellery she wears most often as this will give you a hint on gold or silver as well as big or small. You will see if she prefers plain jewellery or likes it glittering filled with gemstones. Does she like wearing earrings, bracelets, rings or necklaces? If you know what she likes to wear you know what kind of jewellery to buy.

TIP #2

There are so many different choices when it comes down to gemstones and pearls. It would be impossible to go through them all here. So what I would suggest is to get one in her favourite colour as most gemstones are different in colour. Gemstones have different shapes as well and also come in different sizes. You can also get pearls in different sizes.

TIP #3

Look at the length of the jewellery she usually wears, because if she prefers short earrings and you get long ones she will still thank you but may never wear them. This will also apply to her necklaces in accordance to length and thickness and then of course her rings you can judge by the size of the stone and the band.

TIP #4

Does she like to wear lots of jewellery all at once or does she prefer wearing something plain? In other words does she wear more than one bracelet or chains, does she have a ring on every finger, and maybe she likes to wear different size necklaces all at once. If she does you will have to get something that goes well with the rest of her selection. Have a good look at your love and make sure you know what she would want without having to ask.

TIP #5

Is she delicately built or a fuller woman? Big jewellery does not go well with a tiny woman and the same goes for fuller woman who do not like to wear small delicate jewellery.

These all have an impact on what you ought to get your girl when it comes down to buying jewellery. Buying her something special and getting it right will impress her as well as show her that you notice even the small things. In the end it is not really so much about what you decide to get her but rather that you cared enough to get to know her likes and tastes. This really makes a difference but if you are still not too sure get help from professionals in this field.

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