Month: October 2021

Top Four Interesting Jewellery Facts that You Should Know About

Blog | October 25th, 2021

Jewellery has been designed, worn and celebrated since the beginning of the earliest civilisations. Used as both ceremonial items of beauty and meaning and as adornments to be worn and admired by men and women, beads, carved wood and natural stone jewellery designs were abundant. Throughout the many historical and cultural eras and developments, beautiful adornments in the form of jewellery designs have prevailed as popular and desirable accessories to be worn and celebrated.Four Major Facts of Interest About Jewellery […]

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Reasons to Choose a Reliable Watch Repair Service for Antique Clocks

Blog | October 14th, 2021

When your antique clocks need cleaning, adjusting or repairing, it is important to take them to a reliable watch repair service. Antique timepieces often have special meaning for their owners, and they need specialised care. You want an expert to handle, clean and adjust or repair your valued antique clocks. You want to feel confident that your aged timepieces are getting the best quality revitalising, adjustments and repairs that are currently available in your vicinity. Why You Need Dependable Watch […]

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