Month: October 2019

Seven Steps to Take to Protect Yourself From Poorly Made Wedding Rings

Blog | October 16th, 2019

Wedding rings hold a great significance in today‚Äôs society as a symbol of endless love and devotion. Although it originated from a tradition dated centuries back, the exchange of rings proved to remain relevant up until the present. Unfortunately, along with the advent of industrialization came mass production and sneaky knock-off guises, making it more difficult to pinpoint high-quality wedding rings from poorly made ones. Luckily, here are seven steps that would veer you away from poorly made wedding rings. […]

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Grandfather Clocks for Avid Collectors: Visit Ken Ross Jewellers

Blog | October 4th, 2019

Any avid fan of period movies or horror shows will have seen an example of a grandfather clock at least once or twice in their lives. If you are lucky enough to have lived or stayed in an old house, then you will have seen examples of grandfather clocks. To this day, some hotels and old-style inns will have them on display as part of their centrepiece. Highly sought-after and sometimes quite pricey, grandfather clocks are the piece de resistance […]

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