Seven Steps to Take to Protect Yourself From Poorly Made Wedding Rings

16 October 2019

Wedding rings hold a great significance in today’s society as a symbol of endless love and devotion. Although it originated from a tradition dated centuries back, the exchange of rings proved to remain relevant up until the present. Unfortunately, along with the advent of industrialization came mass production and sneaky knock-off guises, making it more difficult to pinpoint high-quality wedding rings from poorly made ones.

Luckily, here are seven steps that would veer you away from poorly made wedding rings.

Carefully Scrutinize the Ring with a Loupe

There is so much you can see once you placed the ring under thorough magnification. That is why it is important to make use of magnifying devices such as loupe to inspect the details more closely. A well-managed jewellery business must be fully equipped with the necessary magnification tools. If a store does not have a loupe then you must find another.

Know Which Details of the Ring to Inspect 

Once you finally have a loupe in hand, you must know the certain ring components that would indicate if it is indeed finely crafted. Such details to examine include gemstones, settings, and base. The gemstones must appear rich in colour. If it is diamond then it should be bright white. Settings must be adequately thick to protect the gemstone. Lastly, the ring must have a balanced amount of gold or metal at the base.

Look Closely at the Prongs 

Prongs should overlap with the outer edge and properly clutch the gemstone. They should be similar in length to cover the gems evenly. Rings with shared prongs are considered problematic and therefore must be avoided.

Compare similarly designed Rings

If you find a ring with a design you like, check others with similar or visually identical features. Compare the features and opt for the design with more solid intricacies and more gold.

Assess Weight Differences

Check the rings on your hand and assess the differences in their weight. If you opt for a thin ring, make sure that its weight can support the gemstone. Normally, a ring too slim in size will most likely be unable to hold on to the gemstone.

Check if the Style Can Support the Gemstone

Ensure that the style of the ring is proportional to the size of the gemstone. Opt for gemstone settings with lasting style. Durability must not be sacrificed in the name of aesthetic.

Do Not be blinded by the Shiny “Cheaper Price” Ones

A well-made wedding ring was exquisitely crafted to last for a long period much like the love it represents. Poorly-made ones, however, were created to profit off a world-renowned symbol of affections. Wedding rings are most likely worn daily, so availing a poorly made ring would cost more due to constant repairs.

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