Month: September 2017

Wrist Watch Battery Issues and Why They Need Immediate Replacement

Blog | September 27th, 2017

Wrist watches are not only useful for keeping time. In fact, this basic commodity commonly doubles as an accessory and worn even as jewelry. While their batteries tend to last for years, they certainly don’t keep time forever and will eventually need replacing. Most people unknowingly leave the battery on their wrist watch long after it ran out of juice, or are equally unaware of the signs that their watch battery no longer functions at an optimum level. Both are […]

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Quality Michel Herbelin Watches Should Only Get Quality Repair Services from Ken Ross Jewellers

Blog | September 14th, 2017

Michel Herbelin is famous for manufacturing high-quality watches of various styles. The company began operations in 1952 as a family owned and operated company and remains such today. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in the city of Charqumont and is on the French-Swiss border. The town has a long and illustrious history with watchmaking. Michel Herbelin, the owner of the original company gained a reputation as ‘The French Expert’ in mechanical watches. The name of Michel Herbelin is […]

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