Month: August 2017

All About SEIKO Watches and Why Should You Trust Ken Ross Jewellers for Repair and Servicing?

Blog | August 30th, 2017

When in search of a quality watch, you need to purchase one that includes the latest technology and is durable, stylish and accurate down to the second. SEIKO is the one watch brand that will deliver all these characteristics to you with each one of its watches, regardless of the model that you select for your needs. A BRIEF HISTORY ON SEIKO WATCHES Young Kintaro Hattori opened K. Hattori & Company, Ltd, a wall clock repair and jewellery company, back […]

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Swiss-Made COVER Watches: Repair and Servicing

Blog | August 14th, 2017

When in search of accurate, quality watches, you should consider the attributes of the Swiss-Made COVER watches. These timepieces are manufactured with care today to ensure that they tell the right time all throughout the year. Also, COVER ensures that they are durable enough to last for years. If they have an occasion to break down, you must locate a jeweller with the skills and knowledge to repair them in the right manner. Read on to learn additional facts about […]

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