All About SEIKO Watches and Why Should You Trust Ken Ross Jewellers for Repair and Servicing?

30 August 2017

When in search of a quality watch, you need to purchase one that includes the latest technology and is durable, stylish and accurate down to the second. SEIKO is the one watch brand that will deliver all these characteristics to you with each one of its watches, regardless of the model that you select for your needs.


Young Kintaro Hattori opened K. Hattori & Company, Ltd, a wall clock repair and jewellery company, back in 1881, as the forerunner to what we know now as the SEIKO Corporation. The next progression of the company was to manufacture wall clocks under the brand of Seikosha. After years of experience creating and repairing wall clocks, K. Hattori started producing watches under the SEIKO brand in 1924. Throughout the years, the company perfected its quality and in 1969, it introduced the world’s first precision quartz watch. Another world’s first happened in 1973 with the introduction of the LCD quartz watch that came with a six-digit digital display. SEIKO kept making these types of achievements throughout the years such as a watch that could record sounds and an analog quartz watch that contained a chronograph in 1983. Even after this, SEIKO kept leading the way with watch innovations and as we enter recent times, the company produced the first solar GPS watch in the world called the Seiko Astron in 2012. Also, it recognizes all of the 39 time zones throughout the world.


Today, a number of different classifications of SEIKO watches, and we provide you a few examples below:

  • Credor models are analogue dress watches for men and women that contain classic lines.
  • Grand SEIKO is the culmination of all of SEIKO’s experience as a watchmaker. This line includes various mechanical calibers and extreme accuracy. The 9S and the Spring Drive Caliber 9R series are included in this classification.
  • Propex Wallabies is a sporty model that is water resistant to a depth of 100 metres with a stainless steel case. Also, it had a six-month power reserve with its battery along with other benefits.


If you require servicing or repairs on your quality SEIKO watch, search no further than our company, Ken Ross Jewellers. We perform all watch servicing and repair work right here in our store. In addition, we sell new SEIKO watches for your consideration when you are in the market to purchase another one.

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