Month: June 2017

Adina, Australian Watch at Its Finest: Why Should You Buy Them?

Blog | June 30th, 2017

Adina watches are skillfully and beautifully designed to be worn in the outdoor environment of the normal Australian lifestyle. These unique watches are carefully handcrafted using the latest advanced technology, and part of their distinct charm is the fact that each individual watch style and design combines hi-tech updates with local craftsmanship to create highly attractive yet practical and affordable modern timepieces. When you wear a fashionable and useful Adina watch, you are exhibiting the true Australian talent for combining […]

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Hermle Clocks History and Value: Why Ken Ross Jewellers Can Give the Best Repair Service

Blog | June 20th, 2017

Hermle is one of the most respected German brands of chronometers in the world today. We would not even attempt to estimate how many of these clocks are in operation at present. The company is famous for its reliability, quality products and customer service. Let’s explore how Hermle developed its fine reputation. A BRIEF HISTORY OF HERMLE In 1922, Franz Hermle & Son first opened its doors in Southern Germany and became the foundation for the company as it is […]

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