Month: January 2015

Are you ready to take your relationship one step further? Consider a promise ring

Blog | January 30th, 2015

While offering a promise ring is no wedding proposal it is still a pretty big deal. Who better than the professionals at Ken Ross Jewellery to help you find that perfect piece? When you are seeking a promise ring it can represent many things, but all of them boil down to a more serious commitment. It is in sorts, a pre-engagement ring. People often exchange them promising their love, loyalty, commitment, chastity, sobriety, monogamy or even friendship just to name […]

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How do you know the time is right to propose?

Blog | January 27th, 2015

At Ken Ross Jewellers they know that there when it comes time to propose you want everything to be perfect. The ring is a major part of the special day, so these highly respectable professionals will help you find that perfect and unique ring when you are ready to ask the big question. SO, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT TO PROPOSE? If you have come to a point that you are comfortable with the love of […]

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