How do you know the time is right to propose?

27 January 2015

At Ken Ross Jewellers they know that there when it comes time to propose you want everything to be perfect. The ring is a major part of the special day, so these highly respectable professionals will help you find that perfect and unique ring when you are ready to ask the big question.


If you have come to a point that you are comfortable with the love of your life, and you have no reservations in things like sharing financial information then you may be ready. This is a stage that you come to once the lust stage has passed, infatuation becomes something much more mature and you are comfortable trusting this individual without abandon.

Maybe you have reached a milestone, and you truly feel it is the perfect time to take your relationship to another level. Once you have reached a new plateau in your career, why not consider advancing the relationship as well? If you are comfortable discussing your future, and it is difficult to picture without that person in it, and if he or she truly supports your ambitions then maybe it is time to take things to that united level.

Finally, if you just know that he or she is ready, and you are pretty sure that the answer will be yes, then why not? If all of the above things apply maybe this is the perfect time for a proposal. When it comes down to it, you just know when the time is right.

That makes it none the less nerve racking when you want it all to be perfect. After all, this is the man or woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with. At Ken Ross Jewellers you can count on a high quality ring at an affordable price. You already know what he or she will like. It can be a beautiful moment when you are dealing with trusted Jewellers that want to help you make that moment one to remember.

These are Jewellers who have been servicing Ashburton VIC and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years. They also extend their services to aftercare to keep your investment in tip top shape. For instance, they will make sure that the stones stay secure with ongoing maintenance, repairs and cleaning of your precious wedding and engagement bands.

If you are ready to pop the big question do not hesitate to contact the friendly professionals at Ken Ross Jewellers today.

Ken Ross Jewellers

Established in 1954, Ken Ross Jewellers is renowned for producing and maintaining fine jewelry and watches. And over the decades, many awards have been won. Ken Ross Jewellers specializes in supplying fine jewelry like diamonds and semi-precious stones, plus repairs for rings, wedding bands and watches. For a valuation of a diamond you have, repairs on a wedding ring or new precious diamond jewelry, contact:

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