Month: October 2014

5 Tips that will help you choose jewellery for the lady in your life!

Blog | October 24th, 2014

Are you not to sure what jewellery to buy for your favourite girl? Do you truly have no idea what she really likes? Well, it is not so as hard as you may think to pick the right jewellery for every occasion. Everyone has a different taste in jewellery sure, but finding something that she will love can be done with a little insight. Here we have a couple of tips to guide you in making the correct decision when […]

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With Christmas just around the corner why not start considering your fine jewelry options

Blog | October 14th, 2014

The jewellery trade can be dated back to 2400BC starting in Egypt and Greece then moved on to the European countries in 1200BC. Wearing jewellery became a part of everyday life giving way to goldsmiths with diamonds taking the lead just as is seen in our modern societies still today. Every time a piece of jewellery is constructed history comes with it as the same metals and gems are being used today for our jewellery as was used era’s ago. […]

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