With Christmas just around the corner why not start considering your fine jewelry options

14 October 2014

The jewellery trade can be dated back to 2400BC starting in Egypt and Greece then moved on to the European countries in 1200BC. Wearing jewellery became a part of everyday life giving way to goldsmiths with diamonds taking the lead just as is seen in our modern societies still today. Every time a piece of jewellery is constructed history comes with it as the same metals and gems are being used today for our jewellery as was used era’s ago.
Giving jewellery as a gift has many benefits such as not needing to take much care when considering size thus making it the ideal Christmas gift. They express a greater show of love than any other product and can basically be worn with any outfit therefore you will not be making a mistake by giving a fine piece of jewellery as a gift this Christmas.

Jewellery is a gift that will be cherished forever as it speaks of passion and love without you needing to say a word. Yes, it is not always the cheapest option but it makes the biggest impact! Additionally there is such a wide range of different items to consider so you can easily work a piece of stunning beauty into your budget this year for that someone special in your life. Choose from a more traditional setting or classic to a modern day piece that will take your breath away. Most jewellery pieces can be worn casually or as part of one’s evening wear as it will make her sparkle always.


Bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants or rings the options are unlimited even for men one could look at watches or chains and more. Add a Diamond to any piece of jewellery and you know it will steal her heart, we all know the saying from the DeBeers Brother’s as being ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ and therewith comes the other saying ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’.

With timeless classics such as the diamond pendant, heart lockets or charm bracelets that brings along tradition one can never be wrong. With modern technology the jewellery trade has improved to such an extent that you can very literally give her your heart and why should you not as heart shaped gems have become a big trend relaying love like never before. Creating the ultimate romance jewellery that is stylish as well as modest.

Yes, there are many other gifts to consider like the latest technology in iPhone’s, shoes, handbags or other electronic devises but will they truly keep someone satisfied for long with technology changing daily it won’t be long before it becomes outdated? Therefore money spend on jewellery is a much better option as they will be here even long after you and me have passed on to the next life bringing home the fact that they are timeless.

So get that precious piece she always wanted this Christmas and in turn you could get him a stunning watch or chain that speaks volumes by visiting professionals who has been in the business more than fifty years by clicking here to see what they have on offer to suit your needs.

Ken Ross Jewellers

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