Month: November 2021

Reasons Why Jewellery Tarnish and How Do You Prevent This from Happening?

Blog | November 18th, 2021

What Causes Your Jewellery to Tarnish? Metal jewellery can tarnish when its surfaces come in contact with some makeup, body oils, perspiration, sulphur, perfumes, deodorants, skin lotions and other substances. Tarnished jewellery surfaces may appear slightly dull or blackened, according to the type of metal used in making the item. You can help keep your metal jewellery from tarnishing by storing it in a dry, dark place. It is also helpful to keep different types of metal jewellery separated when […]

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Reasons Why Your Watch Keeps Telling the Wrong Time and What You Need to Do

Blog | November 4th, 2021

If your favourite watch keeps losing time, you are most likely wondering why this is happening. There are many reasons why a watch starts losing time. Of course, if the watch is old or if the battery is losing power, your watch will lose more time each day. At this point, the watch is of very little use to you since it cannot show time accurately. More Reasons Why Your Wristwatch May Be Telling the Wrong Time Additional reasons why […]

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