Month: November 2019

The Best Jewellery Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Blog | November 19th, 2019

Nothing screams ‘holidays’ other than the gift-giving tradition. Some would say that this tradition originated from pagan rituals held during the same time frame. However, when Christianity arose, the gift-giving notion was appropriated as the representation of that time — when the three wise men, also known as the magi, visited baby Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. After that, the tale of Santa Claus gained popularity, with nice and well-behaved children receiving gifts in their stockings during […]

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How to Extend Jewellery Life with Some Maintenance and Repairs

Blog | November 4th, 2019

You might often hear the phrase – diamonds are forever. Its meaning and interpretation are often associated with the strength and resilience of the said crystal. However, like any other jewellery, diamonds might not last forever if left neglected and poorly maintained. That is why below are the ways on how you can extend your jewellery life with some maintenance and repairs. Expert Care The best way to prolong your jewellery’s life is to make sure that you are consulting […]

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