How to Extend Jewellery Life with Some Maintenance and Repairs

04 November 2019

You might often hear the phrase – diamonds are forever. Its meaning and interpretation are often associated with the strength and resilience of the said crystal. However, like any other jewellery, diamonds might not last forever if left neglected and poorly maintained. That is why below are the ways on how you can extend your jewellery life with some maintenance and repairs.

Expert Care

The best way to prolong your jewellery’s life is to make sure that you are consulting a professional and trustworthy jeweller. Chances are – your jewellery would undergo more damaging conditions if you fail to bring them to a trained jewellery craftsman. Look for jewellery shops with certifications from respected institutions and associations. This will initially assure you that the maintenance and repair for your jewellery will be performed in a professional and ethical manner.

Cost Quotation

Make sure that you are aware of your jewellery’s value before you hand it down for maintenance and repair. Have the jeweller evaluate and quote the cost for the maintenance or repair so you can compare prices and pick a more reliable jeweller. Should you decide which to jeweller to have, you must be aware of all the work that will be done to your jewellery.

There are also specific maintenance and repairs that will ensure the long life of your jewellery.

Jewellery Refurbishment

If you want to create a new design for your jewellery, you can consider refurbishment. Such will recreate your jewellery using either the existing gemstones or metal. You can easily customise your old jewellery pieces while adapting to a more modern look. You can also opt for a more vintage style by retaining the original designs and incorporating minimal additions and recreations.

Chain Repair

If there are damages to the original chain of the jewellery then you must know that its strength will never be the same as before it was damaged. Its entire repair can be complicated due to intricate styles such as include link chains, like rope and cable chains, and herringbone chains. Although some repairs would go unnoticeable afterwards, others would have stiff links due to their size, weight and degree of damage.

Prong Repair

Wear and tear is the most common form of jewellery damage. Its exposure to several elements causes changes in its strength and durability. Damages such as gemstone loss are easily repaired by replacing, and re-tipping a metal to the top of the prong. In other cases, replacing the entire prong head is deemed necessary. If you are eyeing for more resilient jewellery, have the jeweller install prongs that match in size, shape and dimension. These prongs should completely go over the crown of the stone so as to ensure that they will not snag in clothing fabrics.

You can ensure that your jewellery will last long if you chose to visit Ken Ross Jewellers. We can repair and maintain all your fine jewelleries with the help of our expert and professional staff.

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