Month: March 2019

A Guide to Buying Jewellery and Watches for Children

Blog | March 22nd, 2019

Anyone who is considering buying jewellery and watches for children can take the opportunity to create a meaningful and life changing experience that can teach and help children, in a very special way. Since the most ancient of times, jewellery, clothing, and personal accessories have been an effective form of expression for cultures everywhere. The choice of jewellery and clothing, whether it is an intentional choice or an unconscious decision, affects how people are perceived by others. With that said, […]

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Minimalistic Jewellery Pieces: Tips and Tricks on How to Layer Them

Blog | March 7th, 2019

Instead of wearing your heavy, chunky or large statement jewellery pieces, look to minimalistic pieces to adorn your outfits today. The latter is what is trending lately since you can combine them in interesting, unique ways to suit your specific outfit and style preferences. Minimalistic pieces of jewellery include delicate necklaces with simple pendants or charms, rings, and post or delicate dangle earrings along with thin, lightweight bracelets. While you may know how to wear your chunky or large jewellery […]

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