Month: February 2017

It’s the Love Month: Choose the Perfect Jewellery for Your Special Someone

Blog | February 22nd, 2017

It’s time to select that perfect gift of sparkling jewellery for your significant other or special someone during Love Month. February is the month in which to ignore all caution and hesitancy, go straight to your favorite local jewellery store and choose that special, luminous gift for the one dearest to your heart. Whether you select a beautiful, eye-catching watch, necklace and earrings set, bangle bracelets or a dazzling ring, your special one will most assuredly be surprised and overjoyed […]

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Amethyst and Its Purple Beauty: Your February Birthstone

Blog | February 6th, 2017

Amethyst, as part of the quartz family, is easy to spot in its various shades of purple that range from light to dark. Its regal appearance makes it ideal for your February birthstone since the light bounces off the various facets of the gem in delightful ways. Whether this stone is set in yellow or white gold, sterling silver, platinum or other metals, its characteristics and qualities shine through in an eye-catching manner. Stay with us to learn additional facts […]

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