Month: December 2016

Cubic Zirconia: A Good Choice for Your Engagement Ring

Blog | December 7th, 2016

Even though diamonds have been the precious gemstone of choice for engagement rings over the years, the cubic zirconia or CZ stones are gaining in popularity today as a viable, affordable replacement for diamonds. The process for creating CZs in the lab did not always turn out favourable results in the early days of their existence, but nowadays, the process turns out high quality results that are difficult to tell from diamonds. Let us explore why a CZ is the […]

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Zircon: December Birthstone Qualities

Blog | December 1st, 2016

Zircon is one of the December birthstones and is known for its fire and high-refraction ability. In addition, this gemstone comes in all types of rocks from igneous to sedimentary, and this makes it readily available for the jewellery market. It comes in a variety of colours from clear to shades of blue. People often confuse zircon with cubic zirconium in its clear state since it shines just as brilliantly. The blue shades of it are the ones that are […]

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