Month: November 2016

Buy a Quality Topaz Gemstone

Blog | November 16th, 2016

Topaz is a highly popular gemstone not only as a November birthstone, but also as an attractive, precious gem for various pieces of jewellery. As with other gems, you must learn how to purchase a quality topaz gemstone to ensure that it will be as attractive and valuable as possible for you. While all topaz gems rate eight on the Mohs scale that goes up to 10, they will vary in colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. All of these […]

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Topaz: Your November Birthstone

Blog | November 3rd, 2016

Topaz is the November birthstone, and it ranks at the top of the hardness scale for silicate minerals. Even though this gemstone ranges in colour from clear to pale green, the yellow and the gold colours are commonly associated with this birthstone for those born in the month of November. Of course, whichever colour you select to enjoy, the meaning and history of this gemstone remains the same. We offer additional details below on this intriguing stone. COLOURS OF TOPAZ […]

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