Buy a Quality Topaz Gemstone

16 November 2016

Topaz is a highly popular gemstone not only as a November birthstone, but also as an attractive, precious gem for various pieces of jewellery. As with other gems, you must learn how to purchase a quality topaz gemstone to ensure that it will be as attractive and valuable as possible for you. While all topaz gems rate eight on the Mohs scale that goes up to 10, they will vary in colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. All of these elements together determine the actual value of this gemstone.


Topaz is a durable gemstone that resists scratches and other damage under normal conditions since it rates eight on the Mohs scale of hardness. This scale rates gemstones from one to 10 with talc being the softest and diamonds being the hardest of natural stones.


The colour of topaz has a strong influence on its value since this gemstone ranges from clear to red. Clear ones are the most common and therefore, are less valuable, while the pink and red ones are the rarest, which increases the value substantially over the clear. Yellow ones are in the middle and this fact also makes them affordable to most shoppers. Certain blue and pink ones, though, only obtain their colour from a heat treatment so buyers need to be aware of this fact. Impurities in this gemstone also influence the shades of it.


The fewer flaws or inclusions that a topaz gemstone contains, the higher its clarity and value is on the market. Certain colours have a higher clarity than others do, though, since their tints come from impurities in the topaz. To determine the clarity of this stone, view it under sufficient lighting with the naked eye.


Topaz gemstones with a low carat weight are inexpensive, but as the stones approach or surpass the dimensions of 10 mm by eight mm, their value increases accordingly. As a result, carat weight is only one consideration in this gemstone’s value since you must analyse the other four C’s at the same time.


When you evaluate a cut of any of the topaz gemstones, you need to ensure that the various facets of the stones bring out the best of its clarity and colour. Both of these elements are negatively affected by an improper cut.

For further tips on buying quality topaz gemstones, consult with our experts here at Ken Ross Jewellers. We even will design custom pieces according to your preferences.

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