Month: November 2014

Jewellery repair for all your delicate pieces!

Blog | November 19th, 2014

Regardless if your jewellery is made from pure gold or silver, if it contains gemstones or just sparkling stones. It may have cost a fortune or not, but it is still yours and to you it is special. Jewellery repair can be done by most jewellers, but when it comes to those really delicate items, can they really handle the repairs with the required care needed? Delicate jewellery can range from your grandma’s pendant or diamond ring, your great grandpa’s […]

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Do you remember those old grandfather clocks? Here is where you can get one!

Blog | November 12th, 2014

Clocks have changed so much through the evolution of mankind, but there are still some who loves the older pieces of art and one particularly known as the Grandfather Clock. Did you know that time was read from a sun dial in ancient times? Did you also know that due to the sun dial our clocks and watches hands move clockwise? As the suns movement on the sun dial was noted in the Northern Hemisphere the first clock makers also […]

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