Do you remember those old grandfather clocks? Here is where you can get one!

12 November 2014

Clocks have changed so much through the evolution of mankind, but there are still some who loves the older pieces of art and one particularly known as the Grandfather Clock.
Did you know that time was read from a sun dial in ancient times? Did you also know that due to the sun dial our clocks and watches hands move clockwise? As the suns movement on the sun dial was noted in the Northern Hemisphere the first clock makers also made the dials of our clocks to move in the same direction. The first ideas of the Grandfather Clock came to Galileo Galilei when he was praying in the Cathedral of Pisa in 1582. However it was called the ‘floor clock’ or long case clock back in the days.

What should you consider when looking to purchase such a fine piece of history as this is what a Grandfather Clock represents? Craftsmanship will be the first to consider and cheap fakes ought to be discarded as these clocks add value to any home but only if it is the real thing. Grandfather Clocks thus can be expensive although it does not have to be this way. They are a fine timepiece which will also make a perfect gift to someone close to one’s heart that will add value to such an item.

As technology advances and brings to light new changes so does the Grandfather Clock change. Traditionally these were more expensive than a motor car and were not just moved as they could lose time. Today’s newer and improved Grandfather Clocks cost much less and not all need as much attention when it comes to moving them around. They do however require services ever so often.

The world’s ever first minute hand was seen in 1577 invented by Jost Burgi a clockmaker from Switzerland. He used it in a clock he designed and made for Tycho Brahe who was an Astronomer and needed a more accurate way of keeping time. Many improvements were made as the (long clock) Grandfather clock made its way through time and in 1870 the cabinet that hosted the clock also had some changes. It became more ergonomic and some smaller Grandfather Clocks were also brought out.


As it is noted the name change came to be during the 1800’s, after a song named ‘Grandfather Clock’ written by Henry Clay Work in 1875 became a hit.

Today the smaller versions of this magnificent clock are becoming known as the ‘Grandmother’ or ‘Granddaughter’ Clocks. It does not really matter much as to what it is called as even through centuries it is still an impressive piece of work. It is an object of stature, elegance and such beauty that cannot be compared.

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