Women’s Wristwatches: What’s New in Style?

09 March 2022

Simplicity and vintage-inspired timepieces are the top trends for this year. Huge watch faces, bejewelled rims, two-toned and rainbow colours, and sporty-chic are all the rage. Right now, these are the watch styles that are the most popular.

So let’s get into it to find out which are the most popular trends for this year.

Minimalist Watches

Minimalist watches are the trend for women this year. They’re everywhere, from city streets to the most recent Instagram and Pinterest posts. Although minimalist timepieces appear to be simple, they give that exquisite touch that every lady desires.

Big Face Watches

Women’s watches with huge faces are still fashionable in 2022!
Yes, large face women’s watches are still in style in 2022! With the way things are going, oversized watches won’t go out of style anytime soon. This menswear-inspired style is popular even among female celebrities.

Once upon a time, all ladies’ timepieces were delicate and dainty. That is no longer true. More and more women are opting for eye-catching watches. Everyone notices the large-faced watch. This style is the one that offers that sporty and trendy timepiece look. Today, some of the most popular women’s watches come in 38mm, 40mm, and 42+mm styles.

Hybrid Smartwatches

Since the release of the Apple Watch, the smartwatch craze has swept over the watch market. Because of the usefulness and convenience of the smartwatch, women seem to be sporting these timepieces wherever they go, and smartwatches are among the best-selling timepieces today.

Vintage Watches

Retro timepieces are all the rage. These are created in the style of previous eras. The Waterbury and Bulova styles are the ones to go for, and all watches pay homage to these classic timepieces.

This look mixes the beautiful looks of classic design with expert modern craftsmanship and a few modern additions. We can see why the retro aesthetic is such a popular modern trend.

Bejewelled Watches

The bejewelled look is a timeless one. It’s a fashion trend that adds glitz to your life. The trend goes from the iconic vintage watch to the classic watch with a few sparkles here and there.

Bottom Line

There is a personal style choice for everyone this year. It all depends on the style you want and whether you want to go all out with a flashy timepiece or keep things subtle. Of course. It also depends on your outfit and whether you want to add a bit of glam for a night on the town or whether you want to look classic and trendy in your everyday look. Sometimes it’s not a matter of just one style, but of keeping two or three options available, so you can select the perfect watch to go with the perfect outfit.



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