Why Grandfather Clocks Should Be Well Kept and Maintained

08 November 2018

If you’ve ever seen a Grandfather Clock, you know just how impressive they can be. Grandfather Clocks come from a time when clocks were decorative pieces that stole centre stage inside of whatever room that they were placed in. Despite moving away from that style of clock, grandfather clocks are still incredibly popular albeit typically poorly maintained. Most people don’t understand that a lot of work has to go into maintaining and properly caring for a grandfather clock. Today, we are going to talk about the different ways that you can maintain your clock while focusing on how important this maintenance actually is.

Importance of Properly Maintaining Your Grandfather Clock

When your grandfather clock is properly maintained and taken care of the appropriate way, the furnishing can absolutely dominate a room and catch the attention of everyone who steps inside of it. When you don’t take care to maintain your special clock, you’ll find instead that the same decorative piece becomes an eyesore. The reason? Grandfather clocks require relatively intensive care when it comes to keeping them working the way that they are supposed to. Here are a few tips for maintaining your grandfather clock.

1) Remove Weights before Relocating Clock

The easiest thing in the world when moving around your grandfather clock is simply to ignore everything that is going on inside of the machine. This isn’t a good idea at all, however. Before you move your grandfather clock, make sure to remove the pendulum as well as all of the weights inside. If you fail to take this cautionary step then you are going to ruin the delicate and carefully calibrated suspension spring inside of the clock.

2) Wash Your Hands First

Before you even set your hands on the inside of the clock, make sure to wash your hands and thoroughly dry them first. You want to make sure that you don’t leave behind any fingerprints or oil from your skin as it could ruin the functionality of the clock by causing corrosion. You might even want to consider wearing a pair of white cotton gloves.

3) Consult a Professional 

The truth is that a grandfather clock can be an intimidating furnishing to have in your own. Due to all of the rules that go into properly maintaining them, it might be wise to refer instead to a professional jeweller. Having a professional on hand in order to guide you through the process of cleaning and maintaining your grandfather clock is something that you just cannot beat. With professional help, your grandfather clock will be working for years and years to come.

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