When Is the Right Time to Clean Your Jewellery?

23 October 2018

Regardless of the type of jewellery that you own, you need to care for it in the proper way for it to keep its value and usefulness. It is easy to wear your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other jewellery pieces day after day, forgetting all the while that they require cleaning to maintain their lustre as well as their overall physical condition. You are probably wondering when the right time is to clean your jewellery, but do not fret since we provide you with the answer in the following facts.

Clean Occasionally Worn Jewellery Once a Year

For those pieces that you only wear occasionally, a professional cleaning once a year is probably sufficient to maintain their lustre and condition. After all, these pieces are not exposed to environmental and other elements that often.

Jewellery That You Wear Daily Needs Cleaning Once Every Six Months

Any jewellery that you wear to work or other places on a daily basis requires cleaning at least once every six months. This will remove any grime that dulls the metals and/or stones in between cleanings. How dirty this jewellery gets in between cleanings is dependent upon where you live, shop and work along with what type of leisure activities that you participate in each day.

Clean Pieces Anytime That You Notice Accumulated Dirt or Other Debris on Your Jewellery

Along with the above two general guidelines, you should remember to professionally clean your jewellery anytime that you notice residues, dirt or other debris that has accumulated on your pieces. If you fail to do so, you can put your jewellery at risk for damage. Gritty substances can scratch the metal and at times, the stones for just one example.

Professional Cleaning Is Always Recommended to Ensure That the Process Does Not Cause Damage

To guarantee the no damage comes to your jewellery during the cleaning process, you should always turn to professional cleaning for your jewellery pieces. Jewellery experts utilise the safest techniques and solutions to clean each type of jewellery to make it sparkle without any issues. While some home methods are safe, they may not be suitable for all jewellery, such as pearl pieces.

For further guidance about when the right time is to clean your jewellery pieces, contact Ken Ross Jewellers. We specialise in providing fine jewellery pieces on a stock and custom basis. Also, we will clean and check your jewellery upon request at our store to ensure that it is in the appropriate condition to sparkle delightfully. Our company also performs watch repairs on-site.

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