What Makes Pearl Drop Earrings the Best Accessory for Brides-to-be?

13 December 2019

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means. Weddings in the country are skyrocketing in number during this time with venue preparations, floral arrangements, gown fittings etc. all over the place. All these necessities are engraved from traditions and what ideal time to execute them than in summer.

However, everyone will agree that the person who takes the most brunt of it all is the bride. That is why the groom and all those involved must ensure that she is at her most dashing during the ceremony itself. One way of doing this is by making her look modern and elegant with the use of pearl drop earrings as her accessory.

Classic Piece

A bride in white is a long tradition that has been passed down for centuries. The colour white symbolises purity as she walks down the aisle with grace and beauty. A classic piece such as pearl drop earrings can complete the look since it is a jewel that is believed to stand the test of time and seasons. It is an accessory synonymous to grace and elegance. It is also the one known as the queen of all gemstones. Pearl drop earrings are considered the perfect, white cherry on top of the even lovelier white dollop of charm.

Minimalistic Appearance

Pearl drop earrings are extremely appealing to look at without trying. Due to their neutral colour and iridescent nature, they are the kind of accessory that does not become the centre of attention of the outfit. Instead, they perfectly accentuate the unique style of each bride with their staple charm, while not shifting the spotlight from other aspects like the dress, the hair, or most importantly, the features and face of the wearer. In short, pearl drop earrings are understated yet glamorous.


Pearl drop earrings are available in combination with any metal, and therefore will always suit your skin tone no matter what. You can easily pair it with the undertones of your dress since these gems are the perfect match for pretty much any kind of dress or look. For instance, if you have a cream dress, go with a pearl and gold pair since warm undertones will pop with and complement the gold accents of the metal. If you’re wearing a dress that is pure white, you can pair it with pearl earrings that are set in silver, which will complement the cool undertones of your outfit. This will enable your whole outfit to look coordinated without all the effort that actually goes into it. Aside from that, pearl drop earrings often look good in an up do.

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