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11 December 2014

Do you live your life as you want to?Life is about living after all, about the experiences and making every second count!
Being unique and showing your style!

Watches come in a range of designs and styles to suit any ones desires. From simplicity with an everlasting elegance to the more prominent stylish vintage watch. Your options are limitless hence finding one best suited for you is as easy as clicking a button. Find one appropriate for every occasion whether you prefer contemporary or sophisticated.

The watch, is the only piece of accessory that is most worn by men. It must still portray a brilliant stylishness though. It is a symbol of stature, with a statement to proclaim while also being everlasting in design. Most men have a specific liking when it comes to watches, the same can be found with their selection of a suit. Whatever your option may be, nothing in life is set in stone, consequently you may dedicate yourself to wearing only one specific watch for all occasion, or if you prefer, you could have a selection of watches, one for each occasion.

The final say is yours, and whatever you decide upon is still your right. Reflect your immaculate bravura with your watch. There is seen with technological advancements, an array of different watches flooding the markets these days. From sports watches that are water resistant, to delicate traditional watches. These vary in size, price and also appearance. Materials used for watches has also become quite an assortment.

For women a watch is more of an accessory than it is for men. Men usually prefer to wear a proper fitting watch that compliments their individual tastes, whereas with women, watches are seemingly more glittering and loose. Men prefer a more durable and natural appeal, where women use their watch as a fashion accessory.


It is recommended though, if you are looking for something to wear on a daily occasion, that you also consider the line of work you are in. Look for a sturdy and natural watch, that is more suited for working environments.

For formal occasions such as weddings, dinner parties or funerals, one may prefer to go with a watch more formal. Therefore you would wear one that has a stainless steel of leather strap, which is not over-bearing but fits in with your clothing selection.

Dress watches and sports watches are more selective. A sports watch would most likely be worn while taking part in some activity. These offer many additional functions, so select one suitable for the activity you are most involved in. A dress watch usually has a leather band, either brown or black and can be worn to casual and semi-casual events, such as birthday parties or the family BBQ.

It is always good to try wearing shoes and a belt that fits with the straps of your watch, therefore complimenting each other. Giving you a look of sophistication and elegance. Find a watch that is suitable for you by having a look what is on offer at Ken Ross Jewellers.

Ken Ross Jewellers

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