Vintage Watch Repair and Restoration Services in Melbourne

11 May 2020

Before drowning ourselves with any smart innovations and devices, the majority of the people around the world rely on watches to keep on track with time. After all, a watch is designed to keep a concise movement despite the motions caused by the activities of a person. The evolution of watch into something that is wearable allowed us to monitor the time, no matter what activities or profession you are doing.

And so, the transition from wearing traditional wristwatches into smartwatches has paved the way to the modern world. Even the enthusiasts who are keen on collecting wristwatches have switched to smart devices so that they can monitor not only their time but also their notifications and others. This situation alone just puts our good old wristwatches into the vintage territory, alongside other true vintage, hand-me-down watches.

Vintage Watch Repair and Restoration is Important

When we think of something vintage, we often associate them with things that are old and old-fashioned. However, one key defining quality of vintage materials is that they are quite valuable in the present time. Some of these things can even be sold for more than their worth before due to their rareness and uniqueness.

Vintage watches are believed to have these exact qualities. They are now becoming rare and unique due to the abundance of smartwatches. While there are still wristwatches that are being sold today, the value that vintage watches holds can be astonishing due to their overall composition, components used, type of movement, and many more. If you still have your vintage watches, then you are in luck as some of these watches are even more expensive than the luxury watches that are being sold today.

The qualities of vintage watches alone make them worthy of delicate repair and restoration. Not only the watches are restored to their original working order, but they also gain more lifespan that makes them work for more decades or even centuries. As long as they are working, you can pass them down to the next generation of your family or loved ones.

Your Vintage Watch at the Hands of Professionals

Repairs and restorations for your vintage watches would most likely revolve around their several parts including the winding stem, crown, mainspring, barrel, and the balance wheel assembly. These parts will more likely get damaged over time especially if you have used your vintage watches before. 

All the procedures and processes behind vintage watch repair and restoration must be done by professional service as they have all the tools and skills needed for this specific type of job. You know too well that watches have many delicate parts and components that even a small damage can already affect their performance and quality. With the help of professionals, you are guaranteed to have your vintage watch restored to its former glory.

Aside from keeping your vintage watches away from further damages, professionals can also provide you service warranty if ever the need arises. They will be glad to help you out on watch services that you may need in the future.

Luckily, Ken Ross Jewellers can guarantee you all these as we are one of the most experienced watch repair and restoration services in Melbourne. We have been in business for over 50 years, producing and maintaining fine jewellery and watches.

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