Victorinox Watches Available at Ken Ross Jewellers: Why Buy Them?

16 May 2019

If you are like many others are today, you still enjoy wearing an accurate timepiece on your wrist to know what time it is during the day. With so many watch brands on the market today, you may find it difficult to choose a quality one that stands up to daily wear. Ken Ross Jewellers is proud of the fact that we carry a wide assortment of Victorinox watches for your consideration. We share with you why we believe that you should buy them from us in the following facts.

A Bit of History about Victorinox

The history of Victorinox dates back to 1884 when Karl Elsener I opened his knife cutler’s workshop. Later in 1897, a patent was issued to Karl for the first version of the Swiss Officer’s knife, which we know today as a ‘Swiss Army Knife’. This knife went on to become highly popular during World War II and is still so today. Victorinox entered into the watch industry in 1989 and quickly developed a reputation for the same precision in watchmaking as they were known for with cutlery. Today, the company still manufactures the ‘Swiss Army Knives’, various types of cutlery and watches that we will discuss further in the next section.

Victorinox Manufactures Superior Watches

Watches from Victorinox are known for their attractive aesthetics, mechanical excellence and continual accuracy. The company instills a spirit of adventure in every timepiece that it creates. Also, the company is committed to thoroughly testing each category of watch to ensure that consumers receive nothing but the best in timepieces.

You Have a Wide Range of Features From Which to Choose

Victorinox offers men’s, women’s, diving, chronograph, business, pilot and mechanical watches. Features vary between models but include such ones as:

• Bracelet material ranges from wood strap to stainless steel.

• Dial colours vary from black to mother-of-pearl. Choose the model that contains the colour that suits you in an ideal fashion.

• Diameter of the watch depends upon the model, but it ranges from 28 mm to 45 mm.

• Both analog quartz and mechanical automatic movements are available.

• Military time, chronograph, compass, date, day of the week, end-of-life indicator and moon phase are examples of other features.

For additional reasons why you should buy Victorinox watches from our company, contact us. We will show you the models that we sell and answer any questions that you may have about these watches. Once you learn about them, we are certain that you will agree that you cannot go wrong purchasing one from us. Along with all this, we also offer on-site watch repair in case you need a present Victorinox watch repaired.

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