Unique Features of an Antique Mantle Clock that Makes It Worthy to be Part of Your Living Space

22 March 2018

Antiques can be an excellent addition to any living space. Aesthetically, they are quite literally timeless. Functionally, they can be both practical and extravagant – something that doesn’t always meld together with many modern décor.
If you want to invest in an excellent conversation piece that is sure to draw everyone’s attention, but you don’t want to waste money on a useless bric-a-brac, then you could try investing in antique mantle clock.

Mantle clocks used to be a standard accouterment in many homes back in the days before battery powered and digital clocks were the norm. Not only did they help people keep track of time, but these also functioned as very lovely centrepieces, or as décor that stood out against all the others.

Mantle clocks are known for their ornateness as well as their precision, and they have a number of unique features that will make them an excellent addition to your home. Here are some of the few features that will definitely make them a worthwhile possession:

  • Ornateness – mantle clocks are ornate. How ornate? Stunningly ornate! While some examples do indeed feature simpler aesthetics, mantle clocks are more well-known for their gilding, metalwork, and intricate flourishes. During the height of its popularity, mantle clocks were not just a practical means to keep track of time, they were likewise status symbols, and it isn’t at all uncommon to find examples of gilt in gold or silver.
  • Precision – for something dated, mantle clocks are amazingly precise. While this precision cannot equal that of digital clocks and other modern methods of timekeeping, it isn’t at all discouraging considering their aesthetic value. The movement of a mantle clock is also of great interest to horologists and timepiece aficionados, which further add to its overall appeal.
  • Value – authentic mantle clocks are costly. While the price will vary depending on their age and ornateness, as well as factors like their origin and maker, it is understood that high-quality mantle clocks that possess true movement, those that are not battery-powered, will appreciate with age. This feature makes a quality mantle clock an ideal collector’s item and investment.

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