Understanding Chronograph Watches and How They Really Work

09 November 2020

Despite the continuous emergence of smartwatches around the world, chronograph watches are still one of the most popular types of watches today. These watches may not have a screen to interact with, but they possess significant features that have helped a lot of professionals in various industries. They are also valuable as a lot of them are known to increase in value over time.

Basic Overview of Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are watches that have been integrated with a stopwatch function. This specific function entails the precise measurement of the elapsed time, which can be very helpful for astronauts, pilots, racing drivers, divers, soldiers, and doctors. The addition of this simple function has helped these professionals in dealing with their specific tasks in their respective fields.

The popularity of chronograph watches has transcended over multiple generations. Some watch enthusiasts and fanatics even collect the finest chronograph watches from different brands given their helpful elapsed time measurement.

Principles behind Chronograph Watches

As mentioned, chronograph watches are watches that have an added stopwatch feature. To make the stopwatch work, the chronograph watch allows the user to start, stop, and return the time to zero. All these three main functions can be initiated through the buttons that are located on the side of the watch, next to its crown. Normally, pushing the start/stop button will immediately start or stop the stopwatch. Pushing the bottom button, alternatively, will reset everything to zero.

The elapsed time is normally seen on the sub-dials that are located inside the primary or main dial of the watch. Two of these sub-dials are dedicated to providing information about the elapsed time, while the other one is hugely dedicated to keeping track of the seconds of the true time. The long second hand that revolves around the main dial will only work once the stopwatch feature is activated. The differences in the configurations of these watches will depend on their manufacturer.

One other element of chronograph watches that can contribute to other types of measurement is known as a tachymeter. Tachymeter, which is normally situated right on the outermost ring of the watch bezel, can be used to measure speed, distance, or both.

Chronograph Watches Might Be for You

All the features that are integrated with chronograph watches can easily attract a lot of watch enthusiasts in buying and keeping them. Additionally, numerous chronograph watches come in designs and styles that are truly elegant and stylish even after a very long time. Obtaining these watches allows you to be part of a community that embraces a type of watch that has helped professionals and individuals contribute to the community and in their respective fields. 

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