Tips When Buying Jewellery with Emerald Stones

26 May 2017

Before you purchase a beautiful piece of emerald jewellery, there are a few tips you should consider for choosing a superior quality gemstone you will treasure. Available in varied shades of green, emeralds are a type of the gemstone beryl. They tend to be hard, which many new buyers think increases their degrees of durability. However, even with scores of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which measures the extent of their hardness, the majority of emeralds contain many natural flaws, often making them brittle or weak in those areas.


Major aspects to examine and consider prior to purchasing emerald gemstones and jewellery designs containing emeralds include the following:

  • Emerald Color. – Emerald stones can be found in varied shades of green, and some have slightly yellow or blue tones. When shopping for emeralds, you should examine each stone’s darkness and intensity of color. Darkness refers to the degree of color visible in the stone, ranging from light to extremely deep green. An emerald’s intensity reveals the level of color saturation it possesses. While some emeralds have a somewhat dull appearance, others display a vivid, concentrated green color.
  • Emerald Clarity. – flaws, called inclusions, found in an emerald’s interior were created as the gemstone was formed. The stone’s levels of clarity describe the size, number and degree of visibility of its flaws. When examining an emerald or an item of jewellery containing emerald stones, you should look for inclusions. Actually, if an emerald does not have any discernible flaws, it is probably not a real emerald and, in fact, may be a lab-created copy. First, look closely at the stone, and if it has a clear, clean appearance when examined with the naked eye, it is most likely a durable, attractive choice.
  • Emerald Carats. – Carats measure the weight of a gemstone, and one carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams (0.2 grams). If you are shopping for a large emerald, remember that it is not easy to locate large emeralds that are highest quality stones. Large emeralds of fine caliber tend to be quite expense. In many instances, if you find an attractive emerald that is twice the size of a second emerald of equal quality, the larger stone will probably cost much more than twice the price of the smaller one.

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