Things to Know Before Resizing an Heirloom Engagement Ring

28 March 2022

Many reasons exist for needing to have your engagement ring resized. Perhaps, you have gained or lost weight. Maybe you inherited a precious family heirloom and want to use it as your own. Regardless of the reason why you need to have your engagement ring resized, there are a few things you need to know before you start searching for a jeweller who you trust.

Type of Metal

First, the ring must be made of a type of metal the jeweller can work with, such as gold, silver, or platinum. Bands made of certain types of metals cannot be resized because of the characteristics of the metal. For instance, tungsten and stainless steel cannot be resized because of their hardness. Rose gold cannot be resized because it tends to crack. Some jewellers will not work with titanium because it is a challenging metal to re-work.

Must Be Enough Room

Some bands that have braided or twisted bands, or stones set almost all the way around cannot be resized. The jeweller must have the room to work with. Patterned bands can stretch or warp out of shape. If you are not sure if your engagement band can be resized, the best person to ask is a qualified jeweller.

There Are Limits

There are limits to how much resizing can be done. In general, most rings can only be modified up to a maximum of two sizes larger, but some metals can only be stretched to a half-size larger. Making rings smaller involves cutting out a section, and this can only be done on rings where the design supports it. In some cases, the ring can be cut and a piece inserted to make it larger. In general, making a ring smaller is easier than making it larger.

What to Do If You Can’t Resize

if your ring cannot be resized, you have several options. If the ring is too large, you can always wear another tighter ring to help keep it in place. If you are in love with your engagement ring, but it cannot be resized, it is possible that a jeweller can remake the ring in the correct size.

A skilled jeweller can resize your ring and show no signs that it has been modified. Ken Ross Jewellers specialises in quality watch and jewellery repair. We are a trusted provider of quality jewellery that includes engagement rings, wedding bands, semi-precious stones, and other fine jewellery. You can be assured that your engagement ring resize will be high-quality and well-done. We serve Melbourne and surrounding areas. If you need to resize your engagement rings or any other ring, you can contact us, and our professionals will get to work.

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