The Timeless Workmanship of Mantel Clocks

24 February 2016

Mantel clocks create an elegant ambiance when they sit upon a home’s mantel or other type of shelf. Homeowners throughout the years have enjoyed the timeless workmanship that goes into making these fine clocks. You can find ones ages old today still operating or new ones, such as those we will discuss in this information, that will adorn your home with their presence and tell time with a high level of accuracy. At present, you can discover all types of styles in these clocks ranging from traditional to highly modern. Where their appearance may differ, they all contain the quality workmanship that enables them to last for years to come.
Here at Ken Ross Jewellers we carry three quality brands of these clocks, namely Hermle North America, Adina and Seiko. All of these companies provide high-quality timepieces by paying attention to every detail of their watches and clocks to ensure the workmanship will transcend time. Their clocks of today will become the valuable antiques in the future and will still operate in the proper manner.


Hermle has been a revered name in mechanical-timepiece manufacturing for almost 100 years. Today, the company owns three manufacturing facilities throughout the world, but all produce quality clocks based on meticulous German workmanship. Whether you are in search of a highly modern clock such as the Leyton see-through design in a tower formation, a truly traditional model such as the Queensway in cherry finish with its ornate design or so many other styles in between, Hermle supplies quality choices for your consideration through our store.


Maybe your concern is to buy a clock for your mantel that is made in Australia. We can provide this opportunity for you with the mantel chiming clocks from Adina. Adina designs and constructs all of its products in this country, and is Australia’s only manufacturer of watches and clocks. One such example of this company’s products is its traditional-style, mantel 4/4 chiming clock model #CL09-J0517 that contains a Roman dial. Listen to the change of the half-hour and hour as the clock chimes in the time. The design on the base of the clock also adds attractiveness to any shelf or mantel on which you place it.


Seiko’s selection of these clocks is simplistic in design, but nonetheless, the clocks still are highly decorative and accurate. The Anniversary #AHW465-G mantel clock is one of Seiko’s offerings, and it comes in Marble that is light green onyx in colour. Its display is analogue, and it contains a one-way rotating pendulum beneath the face of the clock.

For further information on all the models of the mantel clocks that we have for sale from these fine companies, contact us here are Ken Ross Jewellers. We will be glad to explain every detail of each one of the timeless styles.

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