The Classic Appeal of Grandfather Clocks That Never Grows Old

26 September 2016

For centuries, homeowners have enjoyed the classic appeal of long-case or grandfather clocks. From the quality cabinetry to the accuracy of the movement, these clocks deserve a place of honour in a room in order to be an important, attractive decor element. On top of this, you can pass down these clocks to other generations since the last for many years with the appropriate care. Luckily, you do not need to pay high prices for antique ones to join the other homeowners who cherish these clocks since quality ones still are made today.


Quality cabinetry surrounds the inner workings of the long-case clock and includes a combination of timber and glass. The construction of the cabinet is not only durable, but it is also attractive with the artisans skillfully crafting each detail. In addition, the cabinet includes a key-lock door for access to the workings of the clock in order for the owner to set it or adjust it.


The face of the clock is of an intricate design befitting the overall classic appeal of the clock. It includes the background design, dial, minute hand, hour hand and second hand. Above the face is the moon dial. Features in this area of the clock will vary depending upon its style. While most of these clocks are traditional, you can find ones today that have modern lines and features.


Behind the face is the inner workings that dictate the time of which the clock displays. Movement accuracy is the main goal for clockmakers as they create these classic clocks. They strive to ensure that each one will keep time down to the precise second.


Other parts connect to the movement area of clock and include the cables, cable pulleys, weights, pendulum lyre and bob, and chains. All these elements work in conjunction with the inner workings of the movement to provide accurate time. The shape and size of these elements will depend upon the overall style of the specific clock that you purchase for your house.


Another feature that provides classic appeal to the long-case clocks is the fact that they chime on each hour. You always will know the changing of the hour with this musical reminder.

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