Telltale Signs that Your Quartz Watch Needs Servicing

29 September 2021

The best quality timepieces are designed to last for many years. Yet watches receive daily wear-and-tear. They are affected by common elements of stress like magnetisation, dings and exposure to rain, damp environments and perspiration.

All watches should be serviced periodically. Most quartz watches need to be checked for any servicing needs and battery replacement every one or two years. And they should be completely serviced every five years. Servicing may include testing for water resistance, cleaning and lubrication.

Common Signs that Your Quartz Watch Is in Need of Servicing

Your quartz watch is in need of servicing when you notice such telltale signs as the following:

1. Moisture Inside the Crystal. If your quartz watch has moisture inside the crystal or is visible on the dial, you should visit your watch service centre or watchmaker right away. There are more than 100 parts in an average automatic movement. Even a small amount of saltwater or condensation can initiate the corroding of parts, eliminating the lubrication quickly. If not serviced, the watch movement, hands and dial may start to corrode and rust.

Then you will need to replace multiple components. At least, the watch case back will need removal for thorough drying. Your watch servicing expert will also test your watch for water resistance capability. If you cannot visit a watchmaker or service centre soon, place your watch on a hot plate, lamp or radiator to heat up the back and move the moisture away from the intricate parts.

2. Second Hand Skips Seconds. Watches with quartz movements are battery-operated timepieces. A common problem with quartz watches is that the second hand can start abruptly to skip forward each two to five seconds. This activity indicates the end of the battery life. Most quartz watches can determine a battery voltage drop below a specific level. This signals the need for a replacement.

3. Irregular Timekeeping. If your watch runs fast or slows down more frequently than four to six seconds each day, it definitely needs servicing. In fact, if your timepiece is running faster or slowing down by more than a few seconds per day, something is out of order. The certified chronometer rate tolerance per day is minus four seconds to plus six seconds per day, per the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

Your watch movement might have been magnetised by an electronic device such as a smartphone, computer or speaker. Watch parts require lubrication. The oil in your watch may grow tacky or dry, especially if the timepiece is old or if you have not had your watch serviced for a while. Also, some parts in the movement may have become worn over time. They may also have been broken due to a sharp impact.

When you consult our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice and information concerning telltale signs that indicate that your quartz watch needs servicing. Our experienced professional team will also service your watch with care, readjusting and repairing any malfunctioning parts. Our experts will return your watch to its original state of high functionality as well as the highest degrees of aesthetic beauty.

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