Simple Ways to Know if Your Vintage Watch Needs Servicing

28 June 2022

And just like any type of watch, a vintage watch also requires proactive regular servicing depending on the kind of watch you are having. Taking a proactive approach with your vintage timepiece ensures that all the components are still in place and that it can still operate for a long time. If you happen to own a vintage watch and you are wondering how to tell if it is time to have it serviced, we have outlined the signs to look out for. So, here are the simple ways to know if your vintage watch needs servicing.

Signs of Moisture Inside the Watch Dial

We all know that vintage pieces are fragile which makes them more prone to damage. So, servicing is highly recommended to be done every two years. One simple way to know if your vintage watch needs servicing is if you see signs of moisture inside the watch dial. Signs of moisture, if not addressed immediately, can lead to potential corrosion on some parts of your vintage watch. Thus, even the slightest sign of moisture should prompt you to take your vintage watch for a service. Otherwise, it can cause your vintage timepiece to stop working and cause great damage if the moisture remains trapped in the watch for a long time.

Watch Feels Unusually Tight or Loose

The right vintage watch that perfectly fits the wrist should remain in place without sliding up and down. If it constantly falls off or is too tight to wear on your wrist, then it might need servicing. If wearing your vintage watch slowly becomes uncomfortable and unbearable, visiting a watchmaker or jeweller to adjust the links or straps of your vintage timepiece is the best option for you. An unusually tight watch hinders normal blood circulation; thus, it is best to see a watch specialist for servicing.

It Becomes Either Too Slow or Too Fast

Another simple way to know if your vintage watch needs servicing is when you notice that it becomes either too slow or too fast. It is a sure-fire way to know that it is high time to have it serviced. Various watches may have different margins of error, but if your vintage watch becomes unusually too fast and too slow and is not the normal case anymore, then it could be an indicator that it needs servicing.

If It Hasn’t Been Serviced Ever Since

If your watch has not been serviced ever since you purchase it, then it is wise to have it checked by a watch specialist for servicing, because once a part of your vintage timepiece breaks, the service fee could be very costly because vintage watches require a careful servicing since they have more fragile parts which make the servicing and repair more complicated than the newer timepieces. Hence, it is better to have your vintage watch serviced before any part breaks to prevent possible breakdowns and to still be fixed if there are apparent signs of potential damage.

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