Professional Ring and Jewellery Cleaning Services in Melbourne

18 January 2018

Upon hearing the world ‘jewellery’, one immediately thinks of gemstone encrusted accessories, or warm, glimmering, imperishable gold. A lot of people have this misconception that jewellery, especially gold, platinum, and silver are somehow beyond wear-and-tear. This misconception often arises due to marketing strategy which suggests that high-quality gold, silver, and platinum jewellery will never dull and won’t ever require any maintenance or cleaning.
Not only is this untrue, but it is also quite ruinous to high-quality jewellery, which may become ruined due to negligence or carelessness. While it is true that precious metals and many other modern metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and chromium, do not tarnish, they do however patinate or otherwise dull due to scratches.

For example, jewellery grade gold and silver will develop a thin film of oxidation overtime that is called ‘patina’. While pure gold and silver don’t ever patinate, they are likewise untenable choices for jewellery, since they are too soft for daily wear. Most gold and silver sold as jewellery is alloyed with base metals like copper or tin in order to harden it. These alloying mediums likewise change their colour, which is why you have red gold, rose gold, white gold, black gold, and even purple gold.

It is these base metals, however, which react with oxygen, sweat, skin oils, and household detergents, to create a film that dulls the shine of gold or silver overtime, causing a ‘patina’. Regular wear will also expose jewellery to scratches from contact with harder surfaces, further causing it to dull.

Simply attempting to polish off this thin film on your own, with abrasives or some other medium, will do more harm than good, especially if your jewellery is set with stones. Professional jewellery cleaning should be your only go-to solution if you want to extend the life and restore the brilliance of your jewellery.


  • Equipment – unlike your regular silver burnishing cloth or your even more horrid Scotch-Brite, professional jewellery cleaners and restorers are equipped with specialised tools that are specifically used for jewellery maintenance, cleaning, and restoration. These tools minimise damage and prevent unnecessary loss of value due to being ‘stripped’ of some metal in the process of cleaning – something run-of-the-mill cleaning materials cannot do.
  • Expertise – this is integral to jewellery cleaning, especially if you’re handling antique, heirloom, or gem-encrusted pieces. Since these require extra care in handling and cleaning, simply winging it on your own may not only ruin your jewellery, it may also drastically reduce its value if you have an antique or an heirloom piece. Experts spend years perfecting the craft of cleaning and restoration, and are equipped with the know-how to handle proper cleaning each step of the way.

If you want to keep your jewellery looking its best to impress, then visit us here at Ken Ross Jewellers – professional ring and jewellery cleaning services in Melbourne.

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