Pearl Rethreading: Why Should You Choose a Reliable Jeweller?

06 November 2017

If you are seeking the best source for retreading your pearls, be sure to choose an experienced, reliable jeweller. Although this seems like a relatively simple task, it requires certain levels of expertise. The visible state of pearls strung together in a necklace will signal a professional jeweller as to what needs to be done right away and what can wait. However, when it is clear that your pearls do need rethreading, it is always in your best interests to engage the services of a top-tier artisan and fine jewels refurbishing service to perform the rethread procedure for your treasured string of pearls.


You should make sure the jeweller who agrees to rethread your pearl necklace is completely professional and reliable in his or her dealings with you. Some valid reasons for selecting a reliable jeweller for this rethreading process include the following:

  • Inexperience Leads to Mistakes. – A jeweller who is inexperienced at selling and/or rejuvenating pearl strands for customers may incorrectly evaluate the need for a rethread. While waiting for your jeweller to determine when your necklace should be restrung, you may experience a broken thread and loss of pearls from your favorite beautiful necklace. Any frayed knots or sections of threading should signal your jeweller that a rethreading session is a necessity for your strands of pearly white, pink or other subtle hues.
  • Stretched Threading May Cause Sudden Breaks. – If your necklace appears to be and is elongated, with gaps between some pearls, this is a sure sign that a complete restringing procedure is necessary. Although a jeweller who has not worked with pearls on a regular basis may suggest waiting until more stretching occurs, you should insist on an immediate necklace rethread. If your neighborhood jewellery store suggests that you wait a while to have your stunning pearls restrung, it may very well be time to locate a new, more knowledgeable jeweller for the job.
  • Rethreading Price May Be Excessive. – Although rethreading a strand of pearls does take some know-how and experience, it is not a difficult process. For this reason, no reputable jeweller will charge an exorbitant price to perform a rethreading session to revitalize your lovely pearls. If necessary, search for another jeweller who will listen to your necklace rethreading preferences and needs, completing the rethread quickly and efficiently, to your complete delight and satisfaction.

For the best in rethreading services for your strand of pearls, contact Ken Ross Jewellers, located in Ashburton, Victoria. This respected fine jewellery company will provide you with excellent advice and rethreading services, returning your glowing strand of pearls to its original beauty and allure.

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