Newest and Most Popular Styles in Engagement Rings

13 March 2020

Hearing your most-awaited answer from your significant other might be the greatest words that you would want to listen to. However, one common move that you would like to do first before popping the wedding question is to obtain a beautiful engagement ring.

The tradition of offering an engagement ring to your significant other dates back into ancient history. Throughout time, rings have been associated with the symbol of partnership or ownership. Today, rings are an unprecedented icon of love and commitment. When you provide a ring, it shows you how much you love your partner.

Traditional engagement and wedding rings have a uniform style and design. As time goes by, even the ring-making industry has adapted to the changing times. So, if you will be buying an engagement ring soon, here are some newest and most popular styles that you can consider.

Addition of Colours

Traditional rings are mostly made up of a single-coloured band. Whether it is silver or gold, the colours of traditional rings are so common that anyone can literally have them. Fortunately, engagement rings can now be fused with unique colour accents. Two colour accents that are popular these days are ruby and sapphire. Even diamonds can now be paired with other colours other than the ring band itself.

Colours of Ring Band

The ring band, or shank, is made up of metal that comes in different colours. One classic colour of the ring band is yellow gold. However, some additional colours that are frequently picked are white gold and rose gold. Variations in colour can also come in a mixture of different metals. One great example is the mixture of a yellow gold band with a white gold halo.

Unique Diamond Cuts

The cut of the diamond can dictate a lot about the personality of the ring. This ring’s personality might also reflect the personality of the bearer. So, choosing the cut of your diamond is important in crafting your engagement ring.

One great cut of diamond is shaped like a pear. Pear-shaped diamonds are oval diamonds that come to a point at the top and bottom. The use of this particular diamond cut elongates your significant other’s finger. They are incredibly unique, new, and classy.

Rough diamonds may not be classified as cuts since they are maintained in their natural state. However, they are still unique as they can keep the same striking brilliance that is only visible to diamonds. They come in a variety of beautiful natural and rich colours that include white, yellow, black, green, cognac, pink, and red.

After finding out all the elements that you want for your ring, it would be the best time for your idea to materialise. Visit us now at Ken Ross Jewellers so we can make your dream ring into a reality. After all, we would like to help you get the best engagement ring before popping the question on your significant other.

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